Leaving a gift in your will

Over half of Insight’s income is from gifts left in wills.  By leaving a legacy to Insight Gloucestershire, you will help ensure our valuable work continues for many more years to come.

How we use legacy gifts

Legacies given to Insight are always spent on Insight’s charitable aim to provide advice and support to people living with sight impairment.  Insight has always adapted the services it provides depending on the needs of our clients.  Recently this has meant that we have introduced computer classes, showing people how to use specialist adapted software as well as the accessibility options on more mainstream systems, but as ever this depends on the clients wants and wishes. Other technologies have been added to our Low Vision Resource Center, including mobile phones and most importantly workshops on how to use them!

£500 –  Goes towards paying for the distribution cost of Insight Magazine, an interesting read that keeps clients up to date with a variety of information covering a range of topics from updates on treatment options available, to new services and products that may make life easier.

£1000 – Helps towards paying for the training of a Sight Loss Advisor.

£10,000 – Makes sure that there is someone to answer the Helpline when someone calls.

£100,000 – Helps towards Insights core operating costs for a year. So that people living with sight loss can access the support they need, in a manner that suits them, when they need it.  It currently costs around £200,000 per year to provide the current level of services that we offer.

Where do I start?

Making a will is far less complicated and expensive than you might think, and it is perhaps one of the most important things you’ll ever do. It is the only way to be sure your family, friends, favourite charities and others are provided for as you wish after your death.

It is always best to use the services of a solicitor when making a will. A solicitor will be able to advise you on all legal aspects, preparing for future changes, inheritance tax planning and the different ways in which you can make sure all your beneficiaries are provided for – including leaving a donation to Insight – as well as ensuring that the will is correctly drawn up in law.

To find a solicitor contact The Law Society www.lawsociety.org.uk or ring 020 7320 5650 and do not be afraid to shop around and make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your chosen solicitor. 

I’ve already got a will

There may be changes in circumstances as well as a change of heart that can affect your will. The majority of minor changes can be covered by adding a codicil (an addition or alteration to a will.) A legacy gift to Insight can be added to an existing will by codicil. The codicil must be signed and witnessed and should be kept with the will.  Even when creating a codicil it is best to seek the services of a solicitor.

About your will

There are several different ways to include a gift to Insight Gloucestershire:

Residual donation – Leaving a percentage of the residue of your estate after all dependents have been provided for.

Pecuniary donation – by leaving a specific sum of money, which can be index-linked to preserve its value.

Specific donation – by deciding to leave part or all of your estate to Insight Gloucestershire. 

Your solicitor will need to know the following details:

Charity name – Insight Gloucestershire 

Address – 81 Albion Street, Cheltenham, GL52 2RZ

Registered charity number – 204279

Below is a download of the above details that you can print off and pass to your solicitor to help make things easier.

Click here to download the Insight legacy information sheet

Insight staff are not legal advisers so always seek the advice of a solicitor when making your will and deciding how you wish to leave your legacy.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy to Insight Gloucestershire in your will or to inform us of your intentions please call us on 01242 22 11 70 or email info@insight-glos.org.uk 

Mrs Wearing

Mrs Wearing who is totally blind in one eye and losing her vision in the other talks about why she is leaving a gift to Insight once she has passed on.

“I feel that they deserve it. Over several years they have helped me. I am glad there is someone there to talk to, on the phone, and somewhere to go to look and try any items before I buy them. Each morning I look at my large print calendar. I use my talking clock and watch throughout the day along with many other items around my home that allow me to live independently. I am aware that there are people worse than me and I want to make sure they can get support when they want it. Until you have gone through losing your own sight you can’t fully understand its impact.”

Mrs Wearing