Why does Insight exist?

Sight is said to be one of the most feared senses to lose – and it can happen at any time to anyone.

Some people are born with a condition that means they experience no vision in their lifetime, others their sight deteriorates over a period of time.

Others have an injury or illness that causes them to lose their sight, this can often happen suddenly with dramatic consequences to life as they know it.

Most people are more familiar with failing sight due to getting older which may be a gradual deterioration or suddenly.

However people come to be sight impaired and no matter what stage of life they are at, we are here to offer support, advice and personal experience* to help our clients to enjoy their lives and retain their independence.

To find out more about different conditions Click here to read about the more common causes of sight loss.

*50% of our Staff our sight-impaired themselves.

What We Do

We help and support over 2,000 Sight and Severely Sight-impaired people throughout the whole of Gloucestershire.  People do not need to be registered to access our services.

We do this by

    • Trained Sight Loss Advisors on hand to give advice on low vision aids, benefits and equipment – through our Outreach Service and Insight Helpline 01242 22 11 70
    • Access to social activities and VI sports clubs including a Cricket team.
    • A computer suite equipped with software specifically for visually impaired people.  We offer training to support people using this software which they can go on to use in their workplace or at home.  The software works alongside Microsoft Office.  Contact Marc on 01242 22 1 1 70 to find out mo
    • A free magazine available in large print, braille and audio.  Click here to read past issues. 
    • A fully equipped Low Vision Centre, stocked with aids for independent living – our offering is constantly changing as new products become available

    Mrs S’s Story

    Lend a help in hand icon

    Mrs S first contacted Insight by phone.  She is 88 years young, lives in Cheltenham and has cataracts which makes her vision cloudy. She also has a hearing impairment.  She lives alone and it had been suggested previously by another agency that she should apply to have handrails fitted to lower the risk of falls.  As a result of Mrs S’s call into Insight, with her permission we contacted Gloucestershire County Council Adult Helpdesk on her behalf, to request an occupational therapist visit her at home and see if a handrail would be possible. We also arranged to meet Mrs S in the Insight Low Vision Centre to show her around.

    Whilst at the Low Vision Centre, Steph (one of our Sight Loss Advisors) helped Mrs S arrange her hospital transport for her upcoming appointment with the Low Vision Clinic.  Steph also requested an Attendance Allowance form for her.  A second referral to the Adult Helpdesk for Mrs S. to have an assessment for a symbol cane through the Sensory Services team was also made.  Mrs S. was shown various pieces of equipment including task lighting, some gadgets to help with food and drink preparation and electronic magnifiers.   Some of these items were not necessary for Mrs S. now, but may be useful in the future.

    Update March – Mrs S. is now receiving talking books in the post and has called to say that she has now been awarded Attendance Allowance. She also has a hand held magnifier to help read her post which she has been loaned from the hospital Low Vision Clinic.

    “It’s sheer luck I rang in and then meet Steph. She has done far more than I expected and helped me a lot. All I can say is a very big Thank you to Insight”