IT Training

Here at Insight Gloucestershire, we can offer IT training to people with sight loss, on devices such as: an iPad, Android phone or tablet or Windows PC.

Our computer suite is specifically equipped for users with a visual impairment, so we can show you how to use your Windows computer, send emails, access the internet, or order your shopping online. It’s all possible!

Our informal computer training sessions are held twice a week during regular school terms and are a good, interactive way to learn.

If you are new to the world of computing, you can make an appointment with our Low Vision Technology Advisor, who can offer a full assessment to see what product will suit your needs.

We offer support and training on both Android and Apple products by appointment, so if you are looking to stay in touch with the world on the go, you can!

For more information on anything related to our IT training, call The Insight Helpline on 01242 22 11 70.

You can learn more about our IT training by watching the video below featuring some of our learners and our computer trainer, Emma.


Bev is registered severely sight impaired with bi lateral macular dystrophy.

Recently Bev has benefited from attending Insight’s computer classes, with her children growing up and some having even flown the nest, she was finding being at home unfulfilling.   It was time to find a job. Bev realised that after 27 yrs of not working and having never really used a computer with much  success  (and saying she never would try again!) the first step back to work was to  learn how to tame a computer.

Bev joined the computer course and under Emma’s tuition she learned how to use Microsoft Office, access the internet and email.  Bev uses a programme called Supernova which is designed for people living with sight loss and works alongside Microsoft Office.

‘ The course was informative and I was able to learn at my own pace, everything was new. Now I have a job where I use the skills I learnt on the course everyday,  as well as having the confidence to try and work things out for myself, before asking  a colleague for help’

BevComputer course participant