Visual awareness training

Visual Awareness Training aims to give people an understanding of sight loss, the issues people may face on a day to day basis and how they can most appropriately offer support.

The benefits of visual awareness training are that it gives staff and volunteers confidence when meeting or talking with visually impaired people. Training is usually delivered by two members of staff, one of whom is sight impaired and therefore able to talk of their own experience, which we find is always helpful to a sighted audience. Training being offered includes any mix of the following:

  • Use of a quiz which considers some of the myths and misconceptions people may have about sight loss.
  • Use of simulated spectacles and discussion about the range of sight conditions.
  • Consideration of the emotional impact of sight loss.
  • Practical sessions on how people can help, practising sighted guiding skills.
  • Information about the work of the Association and equipment that is available.

Customers have included the NHS, Private Nursing and Residential Homes as well as other businesses that provide a service to people that may have a sight impairment.

Previous clients have given us the following feedback following completing training sessions;

‘Wearing the glasses representing the various eye conditions, was uncomfortable but very helpful’

‘I felt very humbled doing this training and it made me really want to help people who are sight impaired even more than before.  Thoroughly beneficial and really thought provoking – Thank you’

‘Informative, relaxed and well worth doing’

For more information on Visual Awareness Training please call Steve Martin on 01242 22 11 70 or email