Pete has run 26.2 miles for Insight!

Pete Lightfoot completed the Brighton marathon on 15th April to raise funds for Insight.  His wife, Ann, is our Chair of Trustees and is registered as severely sight impaired herself.

Pete’s running career only started last year at the age of 65!  He started taking part in Parkruns which are 5k runs held around the country.  From here he went on to take part in both Cheltenham and Bath Half Marathons.  The Brighton marathon was his first attempt at a full marathon. His training went well and he completed the marathon in 4 hours, 37 minutes and 12 seconds!


You can still support Pete and donate by clicking here .


This photo below features Pete with his medal


Wazzock Weekender raised £700.68 for Insight

Thank you to everyone involved in The Wazzock Weekender. Over the course of the weekend, £700.68 was raised. As you can see from the photos the theme was ‘Seaside’ resulting in some creative costumes.

Insight was nominated by Carole Pratt to be the benefiting charity for this year’s event.  The amount raised will help support Insight’s countywide Outreach service for 2 months.


Outlook Canoeing

Can you help our Outlook group?

Here at Insight, we have a social group for working-age visually impaired people that meet up once or twice a month. It is known as Outlook Gloucestershire and has around 30 members.

The group are looking for new volunteers to help with everything from reading menus in restaurants, guiding on trips, identifying other members but most importantly driving to venues.
Outlook members have attended a wide variety of activities over the last few years including rock climbing, skiing, acoustic shooting and many more fun-filled activities.

If you or anyone you know are interested in helping out then please call Marc on 01242 221170 or Click here

Banner advertising the Cream Tea

Cream Tea was served

On June 11th an Open Garden and Cream Tea was held in aid of Insight Gloucestershire by The Powell Family.

Thank you to all who helped to organise the event, made the delicious cakes and those who came along to enjoy the day.   The final total was £730 which will help fund our Helpline for a week.

Jump for Insight raised over £4,000!

Jump for Insight has now finished, between all 11 Jumpers they raised £4,030!!!   Thank you to everyone that sponsored, supported and took part.


After a few postponements due to bad weather everyone was able to jump over the course of 3 sessions.


To have a look at some of the photos taken over the 3 days follow the link below.


Thank you once again to everyone involved.

Thank you written in various typefaces on different cardss

Thank you to our Supporters

It is that time of year when most of us reflect on what has happened over the last year.  But every year some things always remain the same:

  1. Sight loss is still happening to people at different stages of their lives and its impact is life changing.
  2. Insight remains a source of support, advice and information for people in Gloucestershire.
  3. Insight cannot provide the support, advice and information without our Supporters continued donations.

This is a heartfelt thank you, to everyone who has donated to Insight in 2016.

  • To the family members who how have respected the wishes of a loved one and in lieu of flowers have donated to us.
  • To the people who have nominated Insight as a charity to receive the proceeds from their supermarkets green or blue token.
  • To the people who have set up a standing order.
  • To the people who have joined our 200 Club for the first time and a special mention to those of you have gone on to donate your winnings back.
  • To the people that are no longer with us but have left a gift in their will.
  • To the people that have taken the time to write a thank you letter and included a donation.
  • To the people that have kindly given Insight a one-off donation.
  • To the people that have taken on a challenge to raise funds for us.
  • To the members of organisations that have nominated Insight to be beneficiaries of their fundraising efforts.

Thank you for giving Insight the means to carry on providing the vital services that we do.  One day there may be a cure for all forms of sight loss until then we want to make sure that we are still here for people living with sight loss.

Moreton-in-marsh, Council Offices Tourist Information Centre High Street GL56 0LW

Low Vision Day in Moreton a success

Insight Gloucestershire hosted a low vision drop in day on 31st October 2016 in the Moreton Area Centre.

British Wireless for the Blind, Dolphin Computer Access, Village Agents and Cotswold Listener were all in attendance along with our Sight Loss Advisors. Thank you to those of you that came along. We hope you found it useful.


Don’t forget we have a Outreach service  in Moreton every Monday


bwbf-stand cotswold-listener dolphin-stand moreton-low-vsion-2 moreton-low-vsion village-agents





Insight’s latest magazine is out!


Issue 16 is now available.  In this issue we showcase some new products that are available in the Low Vision Centre, we are pleased to say that we have been able to expand our Outreach service and we have made our Low Vision Service (magnifiers)  more flexible  to better meet the needs of our clients.

Happy reading and if there is anything that you would like to have included or be added to our mailing list to receive your own copy, just let Monica know by dropping her an email or give her a ring on 01242 22 11 70.


Issue 16 Text only


Insight Magazine Issue 16 PDF


Remember A Charity in your Will

This week is an annual awareness week to promote leaving charities a gift in your will.  Insight has benefited from these legacies during our short 150 year history.  It has meant that we were able to purchase our current premises in 1994 and complete a further refurbishment later on in 2002 as Insight services continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Legacy income is a vital part of Insight’s funding mix.  These sums of money allow Insight to keep providing advice and information to local people living with sight loss.   We want to ensure that Insight’s Helpline, Low Vision Resource Center and Outreach services are still around in the future for when people want and need their questions answered.

To find out more about leaving a gift in your will to help someone living with sight loss,   Click here and thank you.


Monica Farthing

Communications Officer




Preparation is Everything! – Part 2

The Bailey travel journal – Contd.

Marc holding a miniature replica of a warrior.

Marc holding a miniature replica of a warrior.

This is the second part of my travel tips for the visually impaired. As a lifelong traveller who is registered Severely Sight Impaired, I thought I might share some hints and tips; as I had so many, it has taken two editions of the Insight Blog to share my knowledge. Remember the tips might not all work for you, and please contact us with your own ideas.

Once you have arrived at your destination you may find it helpful to have a copy of the exact address of where you are going / staying (even if you can’t read them). A driver may not know where a specific hotel is, especially if there are several with the same name in the area. Keep your necessities with you at all times. Carry some money, keys, tickets and bus pass in a money belt or a secure pocket. If you happen to misplace your purse or wallet or someone takes it, you won’t have lost everything and still can reach your destination. I also find it useful to arrange my money in my wallet, so that I know what note is what before I have to pay for anything or give a tip. It also means that I do not have to display it to everyone.

Notify others about your needs. Inform your travel agency or companies such as airlines that you are using that you are visually impaired. Tell your companion or those around you about your visual limitations. It is also important to carry your cane, as it helps to notify others that you are visually impaired.

When you have reached your final destination, before unpacking, get acquainted with the concierge. They are a wonderful source of local knowledge and can make restaurant and show reservations and often can get you into something that’s otherwise booked up. Once out and about, take advantage of local tours.

Many cities now have double-decker buses that let you hop on and off. I try to do this on my first day in a new city, to get an overview, so I know where to spend more time later. Websites about your destination will tell you what to expect, such as festivals and special events. At certain times, reservations and reasonable, hotel rates may be difficult to find; or you may simply prefer not to deal with large crowds. Don’t give up; adjust your travel dates instead. If you’re travelling abroad, also check the currency conversion rates before you leave home.

Don’t forget, when travelling both at home and overseas, many attractions and events offer discounted prices to the visually impaired. Usually all it takes is a glimpse of a white cane, a guide dog or a registration card, but don’t be shy about asking. Some places even extend the discount to a sighted guide or driver. For example, in the UK, the National Trust offers free entry to sighted guides, most Royal palaces will offer the same discounts and also concessionary rates for the disabled person as well. In Wales, CADDW (Welsh Government’s historic environment service working for an accessible and well protected historic environment for Wales) offers free entry to both sight impaired people and their guides to historic attractions.

A good way to enhance your sensory experience is by going on tours and visiting gift shops. Always use the information headsets when available. In addition, some tour groups will allow travellers who are visually impaired to experience an exhibit by touching objects otherwise off-limits.

Visit the local gift shops as they will often sell small-scale replicas of monuments you can touch to give you some idea of an historic site you may have visited.

As I have said before, there’s an entire world out there waiting for you to explore. So, Bon Voyage! Don’t forget to send us a postcard of your travels.

Mark Bailey